Invitation to Long Sault Parkway Drive – May 29, 2022

Sunday, May 29, 2022 - 11:00am
Long Sault Parkway and Tour of the Lost Villages
Mike McKinnon

We will be holding our next Ottawa Section event on May 29th.  This will be a drive along the scenic Long Sault Parkway and include a private tour of the Lost Villages Museum.

Set between the towns of Ingleside and Long Sault is the Long Sault Parkway, a 10 kilometre long road that connects a collection of eleven islands on the St. Lawrence River.  The parkway is visually beautiful and has significant history surrounding it.  There are several beaches, picnic and camping sites along the parkway operated by the St Lawrence Parks Commission (Get Outdoors - Camping & Beaches (

The area surrounding the parkway was flooded in the 1950s to construct the Moses-Saunders Power Dam and to expand St. Lawrence Seaway.  The 11 islands the Long Sault Parkway connects are the highest points that remained after the flooding.

We will meet at the Foodland parking lot at 11 Thorold Lane in Ingleside at 11:00.  Ingleside is about a 1 hour drive from Ottawa.  We will then proceed in convoy along the parkway stopping for lunch at one of the picnic areas.  Please note that there is a fee of $17.70 per couple to use the park facilities that members will be responsible for covering.

At the end of the parkway in Long Sault, we will take a short side trip to the Lost Villages Museum (The Lost Villages Historical Society | The Lost Villages Museum ( located in Ault Park on Fran Laflamme Drive, 3km east of Long Sault, Ontario.  The museum site consists of ten heritage buildings, moved and restored to Ault Park from The Lost Villages and surrounding townships by the members of The Lost Villages Historical Society.

Both the interiors and exteriors of the buildings have been restored, and they have been assembled in a village-like setting at Ault Park.  The buildings commemorate the inundation of lands to the south of the museum complex on July 1, 1958.

The museum does not officially open until June 6th but the Historical Society has agreed to host our Club for a private tour on May 29th.  The museum runs as a charity.  In recognition of their support in hosting our visit, the Club will be making a donation to the museum society.

As we will be travelling in convoy from Ingleside to Long Sault, MBCA requires that any participant must read and confirm their compliance to the Terms of Participation, a copy of which is attached.  We need you to confirm your participation and compliance by sending an email stating such to Mike McKinnon ([email protected]) by no later than May 25th.  

Hope you can join us!


The MBCA | Ottawa Section Executive

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